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Pete and Steph Millar

In Seneca Falls upstate NY since April 2001

- The Kims and Kwons -

On my niece Chae-Eun's DOL

Mom's 70th Birthday

The Kims:My grand-mom,Soon-Neo,who is not on this photo, on the Heaven instead.
Mom, Jung-Han who married dad,Beong-Dae who's passed away in 1986.
The eldest sister, Young-Ha and the youngest, Hyun-Hye are Math teachers.
The 1st younger brother OK-Jun is Ph.D., M.D. " "
The 2nd younger brother, Do-Joon and his wife, Jung-Mee are working at the Travel Agency;

,those who have 2 kids, Jong-Woo and Chae-Eun.
PHOTOS of Do-Joon's family

The Kwons: brother-in-law Kyung-Soo,who is the executive for "SK"
and Mi-Hye
and 2 kids, Taek-Kwon and Taek-Sang

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