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Jesus, who's the Only reason I'm existed.

With my Chinese friends on my Birthday in Shanghai

With my Korean friends at my home on my birthay in Shanghai

Pete with my favorite dog at home in Shanghai

One of my wishes to ride a horse that came true in Shanghai.

Riding horse in Shanghai

Pete and Me in HK

Pete and Me in HK

The United Korean Church of Shanghai I've been in great Grace from there and now I'm serving as a teacher for the church.
Pete and I do love the toys. If you visit our place you'll have no doubt! What a perfect couple!

Pete's Science Fiction story " The Eve of Amageddon" will be published. (Take a look at

Why don't you use the Useful Search Engine?(Take a look!)
With Katie and Kieran in London

More and more you'll see the pics of mine.

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Gamsahamnida! ( Thank you!)

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